CND VINYLUX – 7 day Polish Review & Shellac comparison.



So we’ve all heard of shellac.

The nail polish/gel hybrid fad/cult power polish, which claimed to “go on like polish, wear like gel, off in minutes”.

I have a love/hate relationship with shellac. I love the way it lasts. I hate the way it damages the nails & the application &  removal process is a little more tedious than their claims. Your hand is in and out of the UV lamp 4 times  – I guess its not THAT annoying, but not exactly on like polish. The removal process is also a little inconvenient. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been guilty of picking it all off. Yes. I have sat in my salon, with every removal product and tool at my finger tips and just picked it right off – I think we all know that this is the best yet worst way to actually get it “off in minutes” – hence the nail damage incurred.


SO… When I heard that Creative Nail Design were releasing a Polish alternative to shellac, my ears pricked up straight away.




“Lasts 7+ days without chipping, Makes polish more durable over time” Innovative technology creates long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time.


The directions are to clean nails with Scrubfresh. Apply two coats of vinylux weekly polish and finish with one coat of weekly top coat – quite simple in comparison to the chore that I find applying shellac. The reccomended air dry time is 8 minutes.


So naturally I dashed down to my nearest wholesaler & bought a couple to try. At the wholesaler they are available for $9.95


Now the introductory colour selection is already more vast that whats available in the way of shellac at 62 colours. There are even some colours that overlap to shellac – for example one of my favourite Shellac shades is Cakepop from the spring 2013 collection & I was very excited to discover this shade was available in vinylux.

vinylux colours

My collection of vinylux colours is at 13 and growing and I’ve had my polishes for around a month now – so having done a few applications on myself & others, let me get down to my review.



Its been AGES since ive had a “proper” manicure, and when I tend to do my own nails I keep it very basic. I file, sometimes buff & do a quick application of polish, so as you can imagine my cuticles are looking a little worse for wear.

After prepping my nails with scrubfresh I of course chose my favourite colour Cake pop & applied 2 thin coats. The polish applied beautifully. Even with a rushed job the end result was very smooth – I found the brush to be a good size & easy to work with. Cakepop is a very pigmented creamy light pink. I think it drys ever so slightly darker than how it looks in the bottle, & maybe a little more pink than its shellac alternative.


cake pop

My nails following an application of VINYLUX Cake pop

I didn’t time the dry time, but it was noticeably quicker than using an Essie or OPI polish.

Lasting Power – I got 5 chip free days – 2 shorter than the 7+ claimed by CND, but I’ll be honest that I was still surprised & rather impressed by this. Being in the beauty industry as a therapist my hands are constantly in water and various products, oils, peels and cleaning solutions. Normally with a polish application I am surprised if i get 2 chip free days, so 5 seemed like a miracle. Throughout this 5 day duration my polish stayed quite glossy looking also.

What I love most is just like any other polish its literally off in seconds with a quick swipe of acetone or polish remover on a cotton pad.

PRO TIP: When painting i always like to cap the end of the nail & making sure it coats the tip ever so slightly to ensure longevity of the polish application. I also like to wait about 30 seconds or so after I’ve done my colour coats before applying top coat to give the polish time to set & ensure the colour doesn’t transfer into my top coat. (especially when using colours that have a shimmer)


Easy application. Quick dry time. Good lasting power. Easy removal. – It really ticks all of the boxes for me.

Even with shellac I’ve sometimes experienced chipping or lifting after a few days following a lousy or thick application.

Having used vinylux for 3 or 4 consecutive weeks now I’ve noticed no staining to my nail bed – I was a little worried through lack of a base coat, but have had no issue. I really think there is no going back – There are still some colours I just love from my OPI and Essie collection, and these ranges do have such a large following, it may take a while for clients to change over, but as vinylux grows the colour collection, which I imagine they will, there will be no reason for people not to convert. It is a real game changer. Yet again! Well done CREATIVE for being a true leader in the nail industry!

I’d imagine OPI will follow suit & come up with  a similar formulation as they did with the OPI gel colour as an answer to CND Shellac. So fingers crossed we will have that to look forward to for all the OPI lovers out there.

So far in my collection ive got (I’ll work clockwise around my colour wheel swatches)

#126 Lavishly Loved – A VERY sheer creamy nude.

#128 Locket Love – Gorgeous light gold quite shimmery, I’ve been using this as a feature nail on my ring finger.

#127 Limade – Vibrant shimmery lime green. Reminds me of the mazda 2 green.

#102 Azure wish – sky blue creamy colour, has a very slight slight shimmer.

#117 Grape Gum – Deep purple colour similar to cadbury purple with a slight shimmer.

#135 Cake Pop – My personal favourite matte creamy baby pink.

#103 Beau – Sheer very light shimmer pink

#150 Strawberry Smoothie – I can remember this colour from the old creative polish, a pearlescent light pink with a slight shimmer.

#121 Hot Pop Pink – HOT PINK!! glossy with no shimmer.

#112 Electric Orange – BRIGHT ORANGE, slightly darker than how it looks in the bottle. Matte but glossy.

#119 Hollywood – A shellac star – Deep yet bright red with a slight shimmer.

#106 Bloodline – Deep blood red, no shimmer.

#140 Regally yours, First coat this goes on slightly purple & sets to a glossy matte off black.


Vinylux is available for all Express ($40) & Deluxe ($65) Manicures & Pedicures in my salon. (Same price as OPI or Essie Polish)

I’d recommend for anyone to give it a try & see the difference for yourself!







6 thoughts on “CND VINYLUX – 7 day Polish Review & Shellac comparison.

  1. Thank you so much for the information above, I’m a mobile nail technician just about to start renting a chair in a salon too and was thinking of buying the whole Vinylux range (as already use Shellac and love it) you’ve really helped me decide to go for it. Just got to wait for new stock to arrive now.

  2. Your color descriptions were somewhat helpfuI, but I don’t think you understand the definition of matte. Something that is glossy, by definition, cannot be matte.

    • Hi there. Look I agree I wrote this post as a hobby what like 2 years ago I think I was confused at the time between the difference of opaque and matte – I know know the difference. So yeah cake pop is an opaque pink, not a matte pink. My bad. Thanks for you feedback.

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